2014-2015 Members

Class of 2014-2015

Back row: Nayah, Rachel, Marquita, and Juan

Front row: Flor, Amy, and Catherine.
Not pictured—Karen-nicole

Flor Cabrera grew up in New York, where she also graduated from Lehman College. Flor is serving as a facilitator with Edu-Futuro’s Emerging Leaders Program-assisting high-school students, usually immigrants or the children of immigrants, with their college applications and ensuring they become well-rounded members of their communities.

Marquita Douglas from Laurinburg, North Carolina, is serving as an AmeriCorps ESOL instructor with REEP. She graduated from NC A&T State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2007 and received her Master’s in Special Education from Howard University in 2011. She is currently getting another Master’s Degree in Reading from East Carolina University via distance education. She has experience teaching special education classes and hopes to try something different with teaching adults rather than children.

As a member of a military family, Amy Gale has lived in many places but considers Fairfax, Virginia home. She has traveled to Colorado, England, California, Canada, Korea, and China. She received her Bachelor’s degree from James Madison University in May 2014. Amy joined the Arlington Works! AmeriCorps program as an ESOL instructor with REEP because she had a desire to work with the immigrant population.

Catherine Heisey hails from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and graduated from the College of Charleston. She has lived and traveled all across South and Central America. Catherine dedicates her time to working with children and students and brings these experiences and more to her role as a facilitator with Edu-Futuro’s Emerging Leaders Program.

Rachel LaCroix is a 2013 graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and International Studies and has spent the last year volunteering in Northern Virginia as a teacher’s assistant to immigrants learning English. A resident of Fairfax, Rachel is serving as an AmeriCorps ESOL Instructor with REEP.

A native of Washington State and resident of the DMV area, Nayah Nshom graduated from Georgetown University in 2014. She believes that “English is an important skill to have” and is serving as an AmeriCorps ESOL Instructor with REEP, where she can help people and personally benefit from the intercultural experience.

Karen-Nicole Vaucrosson is serving as an Americorps ESOL instructor with REEP. She recently returned from Spain, where she taught for two years at a public school in Galicia. During her school breaks, she traveled extensively throughout the country and her Spanish speaking skills “are better than they used to be.” She also speaks German. She looks forward to a productive year of service.

Juan Zamarripa stepped foot in the DMV for the first time to join the ArlingtonWorks! team as an Emerging Leaders Program facilitator with Edu-Futuro. He brings experience mentoring at-risk youth in his hometown Chicago. From an immigrant family, Juan hopes to share what he's learned through his family's experiences with the immigrant community of Arlington. He is fluent in Spanish and English and can count to four in Japanese.

2013-2014 Members

Sarah Zyzanski

I served an ESOL instructor with REEP. I currently work at the Advisory Board Company in D.C. as a Dedicated Advisor to health care organizations nationwide. My job is essentially to serve as a thought partner to members and help them improve engagement across their systems. AmeriCorps helped me learn my limits and rely on others, celebrate their strengths and my own, and build a stronger base of cultural awareness and understanding. Service was rewarding, but difficult. It should be difficult, however, because it is in those difficult moments that we become exposed. If we're wise, we take a look at ourselves in those exposed moments and grow. Each moment of growth improves us, and we are better able to serve. As time passes, this becomes a virtuous cycle. One to which we should never say "no".

2012-2013 Members

Laura Kennedy

I was an ESOL instructor with REEP. I taught levels 200/250, 400/450 and conversation class. I currently am a senior program instructor with the Close Up Foundation, a civic education organization. I work with middle and high school students from all over the country to inform them about their rights and responsibilities as a citizen in a democracy.

Isela Melendez-Carpio

While in AmeriCorps I was Edu-Futuro's Emerging Leaders Program Coordinator. Currently, I work for Liberty’s Promise, a non-profit that supports young immigrants in need while encouraging them to be active and conscientious American citizens. I'm a Program Officer responsible for the implementation of the internship and civic education programs in Fairfax County, VA and Parkdale High School in Riverdale, MD. I'm also an Executive Officer for Latinas Leading Tomorrow (LLT), a non-profit organization that serves middle and high school Latinas in the Northern Virginia area.

2011-2012 Members

Sara Fry

I served as an ESOL Instructor. I now work as the Volunteer Coordinator at Arlington Education & Employment Program (REEP). I recruit, coordinate, train, and evaluate volunteer teachers, substitutes, teaching assistants, and office assistants at five different community locations. In addition, I manage all components of the free, drop-in Outreach Center ESOL Program at three community centers. Service has given me a lot of opportunities to grow professionally; working with the students is the best part.

Sarah Clark-Hamel

I served as the Spanish & Culture Instructor for Edu-Futuro. Following AmeriCorps, I spent 6 months in Brazil learning Portuguese. I now work at UBS Private Bank with Spanish- & Portuguese-speaking clients.

Anna Cupito

I was a Parent and ESOL Coordinator with Edu-Futuro/Arlington Works!,   and I'm currently a Program Coordinator working with a nation-wide AmeriCorps program at Equal Justice Works.

Marie Troutman

I was an ESOL Instructor with ArlingtonWorks! and I'm now the International Liaison with the Office of International Education at the University of Georgia.